American Association for Laboratory Accreditation

ISO/IEC 17020 and Inspection Body Accreditation



This course is a comprehensive look at ISO/IEC 17020 and its documentation and internal auditing requirements. In this course, you will gain critical insight into the interpretation of the requirements of this inspection body standard and you will also receive a detailed review of the accreditation process. In addition, you will learn what information a quality manual should contain and how to keep your documents and quality manual up-to-date.

This course also gives attendees the knowledge needed to establish an internal audit program as required by ISO 17020, and to initiate the sequence of activities involved in scheduling, planning, conducting, reporting on and closing out internal audits. Attendees will receive practical instructions on the development, implementation and long-term maintenance of an effective ISO 17020 management system.


  • National and International Perspective: Mutual Recognition of Accrediting Bodies
  • ISO/IEC 17020:2012 - What the Standard Requires
    • Impartiality and independence
    • Organizational structure
    • Resource requirements including equipment and personnel
    • Process requirements including inspection methods and reports
    • Management system requirements
    • Traceability
    • The auditing and accrediting process
  • Preparation of Documentation:
    • Documentation requirements
    • Effective documentation control
  • Internal Audits and Management Review:
    • What is an internal audit and why is it important?
    • How are internal audits different from management reviews?
    • What should each accomplish?
    • How should the audit be planned and conducted?
    • What are considered effective questioning techniques?
  • A2LA Accreditation Process and Benefits

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