Information Technology

The A2LA information technology (IT) field of testing covers organizations that test the virtual, physical, logical, or analytical aspects of an information system environment.

Program Requirements

  • ISO/IEC 17025 General Requirements for the Accreditation of Testing and Calibration Laboratories
  • R214 - Specific Requirements - Information Technology Testing Laboratory Accreditation Program

IT Subprograms

In addition to the general IT testing field, subprograms within this field have been developed in the following areas. Although A2LA itself has not published additional requirements related to these subprograms, additional requirements do exist as published by the relevant agencies. Information technology testing bodies seeking accreditation within these subprograms will be assessed to the additional requirements identified below:

Related IT Programs

A2LA understands that IT testing bodies may also be interested in accreditation for work that they do outside of the testing arena. The following accreditation opportunities may be of interest:


A2LA has been approved to offer ISO/IEC 17020 inspection body assessment and accreditation to Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP) Third Party Assessment Organizations (3PAOs) under the FedRAMP Concept of Operations (CONOPS). For more information, visit the A2LA FedRAMP Accreditation page.

Inspection Bodies and Product Certification Bodies

A2LA accredits all types of organizations to the requirements of ISO/IEC 17020 for Inspection Bodies or ISO/IEC 17065 for Product Certification. A2LA can accredit these organizations for any publicly available standards, including the test cases as described in NIST 800-53, which is the current standard required of all Third Party Assessment Organizations (3PAOs) for the FedRAMP program (see details above). Please visit the A2LA Inspection Body Accreditation Program page and Product Certification Body Accreditation Program page for more information.


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