American Association for Laboratory Accreditation

Forensic Identification Accreditation Program

The A2LA Forensic Identification Accreditation Program encompasses all investigative work, be it testing or inspection, commercial or criminal. Such investigative work has numerous applications, one being forensic identification.

Forensic Identification includes actions taken to recover and identify human remains and includes disciplines such as:

  • Forensic Biology
  • Forensic Odontology
  • Forensic Anthropology
  • Fingerprint Collection and Analysis

The above is not exhaustive and all interested parties are encouraged to contact A2LA to determine their options for accreditation.

The A2LA accreditation programs span all areas of testing and inspection (e.g., forensic, medical, environmental, defense, chemical, electrical, life sciences, crime scene, special inspection, FedRAMP) as well as proficiency testing and reference material production and A2LA is committed to offering joint and coordinated assessments to ensure an inclusive, streamlined and efficient accreditation process.

This specialty program is covered under the A2LA Forensic Examination Field of Testing.

Accreditation Requirements

Forensic testing laboratories are assessed against the general criteria found in ISO/IEC 17025:2005 General Requirements for the Competence of Testing and Calibration Laboratories. In addition, specific program requirements have been developed for all forensic testing laboratories, which include criteria adopted from national and international sources, and the A2LA Forensic Examination Advisory Committee (FEAC) has developed a consensus document which compiles all consensus decisions related to the Forensic Examination field. Since this consensus document is considered an A2LA Policy, laboratories accredited by A2LA within the Forensic Examination field are expected to adhere to the decisions contained with it, where applicable.

Click on the "Download Application Documents" button to the right to obtain all documents relevant to A2LA's Forensic Testing Laboratory Accreditation Program.

Optional Requirements

Any laboratory performing tests in the field (i.e., at other than a permanent laboratory site) may seek accreditation for this field work. In these cases, A2LA has developed additional requirements for laboratories performing tests in the field. These requirements and the associated checklist may be found through the "Download Application Documents" button to the right for any laboratory interested in adding these capabilities to their accreditation.

Advisory Committee

A2LA has developed a Forensic Examination Advisory Committee (FEAC) to assist the Association by providing technical input on policy creation and decisions related to the area of forensic examination. If you wish to participate on the FEAC, we invite you to contact Karin Athanas, A2LA Program Manager, at