A2LA Accredits GEL Laboratories, LLC to ISO/IEC 17025


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A2LA Accredits GEL Laboratories, LLC to ISO/IEC 17025

June 20, 2019, Frederick, MD – A2LA is pleased to announce the accreditation of GEL Laboratories to ISO/IEC 17025 for cannabis testing, specifically for hemp plant material, oils, and solids. GEL Laboratories is based in Charleston, South Carolina, and is the first hemp testing laboratory accredited in the state.  GEL Laboratories is also the first laboratory in the field of environmental testing to expand their scope to include hemp testing.   

“Through the years, GEL has always responded quickly to add new capabilities and services based on the needs of our clients and regulatory drivers, so supporting the hemp industry in the Carolinas and beyond is a natural fit for GEL,” commented Mac Hodgson, President of The GEL Group, Inc.  “We plan to continue to expand our capacity and analytical testing capabilities in support of this emerging market and look forward to providing unsurpassed service to our clients.”

“We congratulate GEL Laboratories on becoming the first hemp testing laboratory accredited in the state of South Carolina.  GEL Laboratories has been accredited by A2LA for many years for the environmental testing and we are pleased to see them use this experience to solidify the availability of high-quality testing in the growing hemp industry”, said Chris Gunning, A2LA Life Sciences Accreditation Manager.  “A2LA is excited to see one of our highly experienced laboratories be the first environmental testing lab to add hemp testing to their environmental scope of accreditation, and we are thrilled to see that our service has been adopted in a new state.  We look forward to our continued relationship with GEL Laboratories in serving their accreditation needs.”

Achieving ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation by A2LA is the pinnacle in third-party laboratory accreditation, as it confirms that laboratories have management, quality, and technical systems in place to ensure accurate and reliable analyses, as well as proper administrative processes to ensure that all aspects related to the sample, the analysis, and the reporting are standardized, measured, and monitored.


About A2LA

A2LA is a non-profit, non-governmental, third-party accreditation body, offering internationally-recognized accreditation services and training to testing and calibration laboratories, inspection bodies, proficiency testing providers, reference material producers, and product certifiers.


About GEL Laboratories

GEL Laboratories, LLC, founded in 1981, has over 200 professional employees and is one of three subsidiary companies of The GEL Group, Inc.  As an experienced provider of comprehensive analytical services and data deliverables GEL Laboratories has 38 years of industrial experience and 33 years of experience providing more complex data packages. From our state-of-the-art laboratory facility in Charleston, South Carolina we provide some of the most advanced chemistry and radiochemistry analytical services in the country.  GEL supports numerous programs including; environmental monitoring, RCRA investigations, hazardous and mixed waste characterization, decommissioning, remediation closure analysis, nuclear power, NPDES analysis, and radiation worker safety.

We provide these services to a wide variety of clients in various markets including industrial, Department of Energy, Department of Defense, nuclear power, and waste management. GEL’s client base includes US and international clients. Our international work experience includes but is not limited to clients in Canada, the United Kingdom, Brazil, Mexico, France, and Japan.  For more information, visit gel.com.