A2LA Technical Forum to Return in 2021

We are excited to announce that the A2LA Technical Forum will be returning in 2021 to bring you the quality informative content, industry news, and networking opportunities you have come to rely on from this unique event. Not only will the Tech Forum resume next year, but for the first time ever, we will be implementing a theme chosen by our staff to add some fun and levity to our programming. Join us August 1st-4th 2021 as we “Surf into Compliance!” 

Our theme was chosen from a list of suggestions made by people across every department at A2LA, with consideration given to both how the theme ideas tied in conceptually with A2LA’s mission, and how well they leant themselves to engaging activities and ambience. The “Surf into Compliance” theme combined a handful of different suggestions that centered around the beach and tropical vacations. As we all know, navigating the waters of accreditation can be intimidating, but A2LA’s dedication and expertise lets you master even the craziest waves. Besides, it’s clear we all need a little vacation, so adding a tropical flair to the Tech Forum experience will be a welcome change. 

A2LA’s event planning team is developing a strategy that will allow Tech Forum attendees to participate fully in the event and also remain safe and comfortable. We will announce more information about the logistics of the Tech Forum soon, but we have a variety of different techniques and technologies at our disposal to accommodate COVID-related concerns. We are taking care to remain agile in our planning process to adapt to new information that is sure to arise in the months leading up to the event. A call for speakers and additional information about how to get involved will also be coming down the line in the next several weeks. We can’t wait to engage with you next summer at Tech Forum 2021!