Complex Search Instructions

Complex searches may be created using the following rules and examples:

( ) Parnethesis may be used to specify groupings. Normal mathematical order of precedence rules apply
* Wildcard of one or more characters
? Wildcard of a single character
  * and ? may not be used to begin a search string
+ contains the specified string
- does not containt the specified string
~ fuzzy search - allows for variations of a word
AND (case sensitive) both conditions are met
OR (case sensitive) either condition is met
+astm +f1800 contains both "astm" and "f1800"
astm AND f1800 contains both "astm" and "f1800"
-astm +f1800 contains "f1800" but not "astm"
astm OR f1800 contains either "astm" or "f1800"
+roam~ contains "roam","roams","foam","loam" also returns a score value
+astm f1800 contains at least "astm" and/or "f1800"
"astm f1800" ~10 "astm" AND "f1800" within 10 words of each other
(+astm +f1800) OR (+astm +B117) searches for documents with "astm" and "f1800 OR "astm" and "b117".

More examples can be found on the following site:

Adobe Coldfusion 9 Solr search examples