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Air Emission Testing Bodies (AETBs) Assessment Program


"Comm Code" Definitions:

C1 - Available for Commercial Services Type A - third party (commercially available)
C2 - Conditionally Available for Commercial Services Type B - first and second party (not commercially available)
C3 - Not Normally Available for Commercial Services Type C - first and second party, and also offering commercially available inspections

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Comm Code



3796.02 Air Hygiene International, Inc. Jake Fahlenkamp Broken Arrow , OK United States 918-307-8865 C1 Environmental AETB 09/30/2017
3760.01 AirKinetics, Inc. Tony Wong Anaheim, CA United States 714 254 1945 C1 Environmental AETB 10/31/2017
3820.01 C.E.M. Solutions, Inc. Joe Conti Hernando, FL United States 352 489 4337 C1 Environmental AETB 12/31/2017
3913.01 Civil and Environmental Consultants, Inc. (CEC) Paul Jenkins Charlotte, NC United States 980-237-0373 C1 Environmental AETB 11/30/2017
3826.01 GHD Matthew Griffin Waterloo, Ontario, Canada 519 884 0510 x2311 C1 Environmental AETB 10/31/2017
3727.01 Grace Consulting, Inc. Tyson Stiles Wellington, OH United States 440.647.6672 C1 Environmental AETB 09/30/2017
3925.01 Montrose Air Quality Services Tate Strickler Irvine, CA United States 800-372-2471 C1 Environmental AETB 02/28/2018
3819.02 Pace Analytical Services, LLC. Richard Smith Minneapolis, MN United States 612 607-6367 C1 Environmental AETB 09/30/2017
3817.01 TestAmerica Air Emissions Corp. (DBA METCO Environmental) Brian Lauman Carrollton, TX United States 972-931-7127 C1 Environmental AETB 12/31/2018
3711.01 TRC Environmental Corporation Edward MacKinnon Lowell, MA United States 978.656.3553 C1 Environmental AETB 05/31/2019