Join the A2LA Accreditation Council

The Accreditation Council (AC) is the A2LA committee responsible for issuing decisions on the accreditation status of organizations that apply for accreditation.

A2LA continually seeks volunteers to serve on the AC. Benefits of serving on the council include:

  • Contribution to the improved quality coming from A2LA-accredited organizations
  • Up-to-date knowledge of accreditation requirements and industry practices
  • The opportunity to build personal networks and work with A2LA in other capacities (e.g., as an assessor or on the Criteria Council)
  • Credential for demonstrating expertise and experience to be a part of this unique high-level review panel
  • Honorary A2LA membership, with voting rights at the annual meeting of the Association and for election of the A2LA Board of Directors

AC members are primarily responsible for reviewing assessment reports and recommending accreditation decisions on A2LA applicants. Council members can expect to review one assessment package per month on average, with each review typically taking one to two hours to complete. AC members are requested to return their votes in a timely manner (normally within five days) utilizing A2LA's online balloting system.

Accreditation Fields

ISO/IEC 17025 – Testing and Calibration
ISO/IEC 17020 – Inspection Body Accreditation
ISO 15189 and CLIA – Clinical Testing Accreditation
ISO/IEC 17065 – Product Certification Accreditation
ISO/IEC 17043 – Proficiency Testing Provider Accreditation
ISO 17034 – Reference Material Producer Accreditation

Accreditation Council Invitation

If you are a subject matter expert in any of these areas with at least five years of direct experience, possess well-developed skills in evaluating and analyzing written and verbal communication, and have the ability to exercise independent and objective judgment, then A2LA wants to hear from you.

For consideration, please send a recent copy of your resume to Ashly Carter, A2LA Program Manager, Calibration, at