Criteria Council

The Criteria Council is a select committee of technical professionals that serve the accreditation community by reviewing and approving A2LA requirements.

The committee is composed of individuals whose areas of expertise or qualifications cover all the fields for which A2LA is offering accreditation.


  • At least ten years of experience and expertise in programs for which A2LA offers accreditation
  • A comprehensive understanding of A2LA policies, procedures, relevant standards (e.g., ISO), and A2LA Ends Policies


  • Review and approve A2LA documents.
  • Harmonize positions and policies among fields, programs, and advisory committees.
  • Ensure the approved policies, requirements, and guidance provide a value-added service to A2LA customers.
  • Ensure the approved policies, requirements, and guidance are in harmony with A2LA Ends Policies.
  • Participate in scheduled meetings, teleconferences, and electronic balloting.


  • Assist in shaping A2LA policies and the requirements for accreditation.
  • Assist in determining how the relevant ISO standards will be applied to A2LA-accredited organizations.
  • Serve as a focal point for A2LA Technical Advisory Committees to ensure that policies and procedures are equitably and uniformly applied across all fields and programs.
  • Increase personal understanding of and philosophies behind the A2LA policies, requirements, and guidance and their application to A2LA-accredited organizations.
  • Represent the highest level of expertise in each area for which A2LA offers accreditation.
  • Join networking opportunities among peers in other industries.
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