American Association for Laboratory Accreditation

International Recognition of A2LA Programs

A2LA seeks to establish cooperative arrangements with laboratory accreditation systems in other countries and in the United States. These arrangements facilitate the acceptance of test and calibration data between A2LA-accredited laboratories and other countries/economies. A2LA will testify to the competence of each accreditation system with whom it has an MRA and attest to the fact that they follow the recognized norm for operating such systems, ISO 17011, and use ISO/IEC 17025 as the basis for the accreditation of laboratories.

Domestic recognition of A2LA programs include formal written agreements between A2LA and users of accredited laboratories, officially documented endorsements of A2LA programs, and informal acceptance between A2LA and various parties. Below are listed the Federal agencies, State agencies, and private sector parties with whom A2LA has some type of formal written agreement of recognition or documented endorsement.

The ILAC Arrangement - Roxanne Robinson, reprinted from ASTM Standardization News.

Cooperating National and International Laboratory Accreditation Systems

Federal, State, and Private Sector Recognition of A2LA Programs