NCSL International Workshop & Symposium 2016


A2LA Today l September 2016 l Number 132
By Pam Wright, A2LA Accreditation Manager, Calibration

The 2016 NCSL International Workshop & Symposium was held July 24-28, 2016 in Saint Paul, MN.  The theme this year was “Measurement Accuracy and the Impact on Society.”  The opening keynote speaker, Dr. Ralph M. Paroli, R&D Director in Measurement Science and Standards at NRC and the ASTM International 2016 Chairman of the Board, spoke about the need for normative and calibration standards for cannabis testing using the ASTM approach. The closing keynote speaker, Jeremy Applen, is the founder of Page Analytical, the first New Mexico state-approved medical cannabis testing facility. Mr. Applen is also an A2LA ISO/IEC 17025:2005 assessor specializing in cannabis testing. His keynote focused on the need for interdisciplinary collaboration between industry, scientists and engineers on advancements in the cannabis industry.

Mark Ruefenacht from Heusser Neweigh, a Division of Rice Lake Weighing Systems (an A2LA-accredited laboratory, won the prestigious Education & Training Award.

Jim Salsbury from Mitutoyo America Corp. - Calibration Laboratory (an A2LA-accredited laboratory, who is also an A2LA Calibration Assessor, won an NCSLI 2016 Best Paper Award for “Understanding the Test Measurand and the Profound Impact on Calibration, Verification, and Uncertainty.”

Congratulations to both Mark and Jim!

A2LA staff conducted a well-received tutorial on “Understanding ISO/IEC 17025.” In attendance from A2LA was Pam Wright (A2LA Accreditation Manager, Calibration), Rob Knake (A2LA Accreditation Manager, Life Sciences), NCSLI VP of NCSLI Measurement Requirements and Analysis (130), Ashly Carter (A2LA Program Manager, Reference Material Producers), Chair of Working Group 2 of NCSLI Calibration System Resources Committee (171), and Nick Slawson (A2LA Accreditation Officer).    

We were pleased to see many A2LA-accredited organizations exhibiting and in attendance this year. Thank you to all of those who stopped by A2LA’s booth!

NCSL International Workshop & Symposium 2016

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