Public Documents Restored


By Pam Wright, A2LA Quality Manager

A2LA recently made the decision to remove instant public access to all but a few essential A2LA requirements documents on the A2LA website. This was due, in part, to the ongoing transition from our legacy database to our new database.

Although our current customers have ready access to A2LA documents via their customer CAB portal, upon the launch of the new website it became clear by the feedback received from you, our customers, that the instant access to A2LA documents on the website was viewed as a value-added benefit. A2LA has heard your concerns and has decided to restore access to all the public documents that were previously available on our former website. They are now available from the header of the website, as well as through this direct link: Furthermore, the previous links to these documents have been restored using redirects on the new website.

Once the complete transition is made from our legacy database to the new database, we will continue to provide a means for instant access to A2LA documents for our customers with the intent of ensuring the links to our documents remain intact.

In addition, the A2LA RSS feed has been discontinued with the launch of the new website. Should you wish to receive email notifications of all document changes you may enroll at Please also note that A2LA will continue to publish document changes in our quarterly newsletter, A2LA Today.

Should you have questions about how to access the document library in your customer portal, please contact your A2LA Accreditation Officer. Should you have other questions about document access please kindly contact us using



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