New & Updated Documents December 2017


A2LA Today l December 2017 l Number 137
By Pam Wright, A2LA Quality Manager

The following documents have been updated within the controlled A2LA management system. The following documents are available on the A2LA website or on your customized portal (as appropriate) unless otherwise indicated.

If you have any questions about these updates, please contact A2LA at 301.644.3248 or your Accreditation Officer directly.


All external checklists were updated for a revised CAB information block and updated headers. Please note that the revision dates were NOT changed as this was only an editorial change.

  • C309 - General Checklist:  ISO/IEC Guide 65 Product Certification Body Accreditation Program was made obsolete on 10/10/17. Please make a note for your records.
  • C243 - Specific Checklist:  Combined ISO/IEC 17025 and Cannabis Testing Accreditation Program is a revised document dated 11/8/17. Editorial for title change only.
  • C239 - Specific Checklist: Forensic Accreditation Program - Forensic Science Agency was made obsolete on 11/28/17. Please make a note for your records.




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New & Updated Documents December 2017