2021 Tech Forum

Be part of one of the accreditation industry’s largest annual events August 1-4 2021

Tech Forum 2021 LogoThe A2LA Tech Forum (TEFO) has become one of the largest, multidiscipline events in the accreditation industry, attracting attendees from around the world in various industries like automotive, cannabis, environmental, life sciences, calibration, pharmaceutical, and more.

TEFO champions discussion and training on topics related to the accreditation industry through:

  • Accreditation program-specific technical meetings
  • Training classes for support of accreditation 
  • Sessions on best practices
  • Member-specific meetings
  • Professional development sessions
  • Industry recognition dinner
  • Opportunities to network with your peers

Join a global group of industry professionals as we continue to strengthen the value of accreditation.

Tech Forum 2021 is planned as a hybrid event with a new theme, "Surf Into Compliance – Navigating the waters of accreditation."  Check out the event agenda for which sessions will be live-streamed, on-demand, or in-person only. 

We’ll continually monitor the COVID-19 situation to make sure Tech Forum 2021 is safe and compliant.

Early Bird registration ends June 23, so visit the Tech Forum 2021 Website today! 

Looking for more information surounding Tech Forum 2021? View our event prospectus!