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We started the process of achieving accreditation due to our own evaluations resulting in many differing opinions on whether certain requirements were being met or not. Working with A2LA has resulted in no longer spending resources on correcting issues that were the result of differing opinions; A2LA has assessed our laboratory numerous times with three different assessors and they all have had the same interpretation of the requirements. This allows my lab to focus on improvements rather than correcting issues. A2LA is extremely cost efficient; they provide professional, knowledgable assessors, and make the entire process from initial contact to assessments extremely simple. If you work through the process of accreditation, you will come out the other end with a much better calibration program that will stand up to intense scrutiny.

— Manager, an Industrial Hygiene Calibration Laboratory

ALS Global’s Tucson Laboratory has been accredited to ISO/IEC 17025 with A2LA since 2013. Recently, a request came from a major client in Hong Kong to quickly add methods to our scope of accreditation. The project was put on hold until ALS could get the additional methods added, so a fast response was critical. A2LA responded very quickly and helped ALS through the process of adding the methods to the scope of accreditation. The whole process went very smoothly and quickly, allowing the ALS client to release the project for testing. A2LA has always been very responsive and helpful with obtaining and maintaining our ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation and we would recommend them to anyone in need of accreditation services.

— Ralph V. Poulsen, ALS Global

It was a real pleasure to have the chance to interact with the A2LA Staff and with the A2LA Management. I consider that long time ago we took the BEST POSSIBLE DECISION to choose A2LA as body for our Accreditation. 

we definitely found VALUE and we built CONFIDENCE in the PRODUCTS and SERVICES that A2LA supplied us since we started the accreditation!  

I would like to take advantage of this survey to forward our TOTAL APPRECIATON for the OUTSTANDING PROFESSIONAL assistance that Ms. Megan Riebau and Mr. Rob Miller provided us during the years. 

, DSC Testing Laboratory

We find the A2LA accreditation useful and an important selling point for our lab's service. It is difficult to estimate a benefit in contrast to the cost (both time and money) and at times we have certainly wished we could achieve accreditation without as much of a cost. Despite this, retaining accreditation has been a priority because of the trust that it engenders in our customers in relation to our testing results.

, Dakota Analytical, Inc.

The process used for witnessing competency for each method was top notch.  Both Specialists knew exactly what to provide including Training, Calibration, Method, and Report. 

, NB Coatings, Inc.

Our A2LA assessor was great to work with.  Since this was our first audit with A2LA she provided a great deal of explanation regarding deficiencies and policies that may differ from our previous assessment company. 

, Great Plains Analytical Laboratory

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