A2LA accreditation provides international credibility and compliance to organizations operating within dozens of industries.

A2LA accreditation programs fulfill regulatory requirements and demonstrate competence and integrity to stakeholders. Browse the following accreditation programs to learn more about scope, requirements, policies, and other considerations.

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A2LA's acoustics and vibration testing field covers laboratory tests for a variety of products centered around vibration resistance and audial measurements.

A2LA's biological testing field covers biological, microbiological, and biochemical testing and measurement, including but not limited to the examination of foods, cannabis, and pharmaceuticals. The following subprograms fall under the Biological Field of Testing:

Cannabis Testing Laboratory Accreditation Program
Food and Pharmaceutical Testing Laboratory Accreditation Program
Veterinary Laboratory Accreditation Program
FDA ASCA Pilot Program

A2LA is the largest and most well-recognized accreditor of calibration laboratories in the United States.

A2LA's chemical testing field covers a broad array of techniques and analytes in many different industries.

Veterinary Laboratory Accreditation Program
Competition Animal Drug Testing Laboratory Accreditation Program
World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) Testing Laboratory Accreditation Program
Food and Pharmaceutical Testing Laboratory Accreditation Program
Consumer Product Safety Testing (CPSC)
Cannabis Testing Laboratory Accreditation Program
Oregon Toxic-Free Kids Act Accreditation Program

The A2LA Construction Materials Testing (CMT) field is designed to meet the needs of engineers and other users looking for competent testing of industry materials.

Harris County, TX/City of Houston/Houston Port Authority

The A2LA Electrical Testing Program encompasses all types of electrical testing, including electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), electrical performance, and safety for a variety of consumer, laboratory, medical, and industry equipment, components, and full systems.

U.S. FCC Equipment Authorization Program
Consumer Product Safety Testing (CPSC)
Automotive EMC
Notified Bodies
Project 25 (P25) Compliance Assessment Program
FDA ASCA Pilot Program
ISED Equipment Authorization Program

The A2LA Environmental Testing Accreditation Program serves a wide range of users and includes a number of location- and agency-specific subprograms.

California ELAP Assessment Program
EPA National Lead Laboratory Accreditation Program (NLLAP)
Texas DOH Indoor Air Quality Testing Program
Kentucky Underground Storage Tank (UST) Program
Wyoming Storage Tank Remediation (STR) Program
DoD Environmental Laboratory Accreditation
DOE Consolidated Audit Program (DOECAP) - Accreditation Program
A2LA TNI Field Sampling and Measurement Organization (FSMO) Accreditation Program
Air Emission Testing Bodies (AETBs) Assessment Program
DoD Advanced Geophysical Classification Accreditation Program (DAGCAP)
State Environmental Laboratory Assessment Program

Forensic testing and inspection organizations earn public trust, meet regulatory and statutory requirements, and ensure a robust system of quality assurance and control for their organizations when they are accredited by A2LA’s Forensic Examination Accreditation Program.

A2LA’s geotechnical field of testing is designed to meet the needs of users looking for competent geotechnical testing services.

Harris County, TX/City of Houston/Houston Port Authority
Putting Green Laboratory Accreditation Program (PUG)

The A2LA information technology (IT) field of testing covers organizations that test the virtual, physical, logical, or analytical aspects of an information system environment.

Gaming Standards Association
Internet Protocol Version 6 (IPv6)

The A2LA mechanical field of testing relates to tests, measurements, and evaluation of physical properties of materials, components, and assemblies across a wide variety of industries and products.

GE Aviation S400 Program
Consumer Product Safety Testing (CPSC)
BIFMA Compliant Program
Counterfeit Avoidance Testing

The A2LA Nondestructive Testing (NDT) Program offers trusted accreditation for organizations performing NDT in dozens of industries.

A2LA’s sampling field of accreditation can apply to any sampling done for subsequent testing.

A2LA's Sustainable Energy field of testing is normally associated with testing efficient use of energy in a variety of marketplace products, and testing of products designed to take advantage of sustainable and renewable energy sources such as wind, solar, and geothermal power.


The A2LA thermal field of testing accredits laboratories performing tests on a variety of temperature-related products.

Consumer Product Safety Testing (CPSC)

The A2LA Inspection Body Accreditation Program offers accreditation for the inspection and conformity of a wide variety of processes and products.

Forensic Inspection
Special Inspections Accreditation Program
Cybersecurity Inspection Body Program
FedRAMP Third Party Assessment Organizations (3PAO)
Environmental Technology Verification (ETV) Accreditation Program - ISO 14034
Field Evaluation Body Accreditation Program
Notified Bodies

The A2LA Proficiency Testing Provider Accreditation Program is designed for proficiency testing providers seeking to be recognized for operating a management system and demonstrating technical competence in all aspects of proficiency testing schemes.

The A2LA Product Certification Body Accreditation Program accredits product certification bodies to various product certification schemes, which provides confidence that products, processes, or services meet the intended use or need in the marketplace.

Telecommunication Certification Body (TCB) Program
Notified Bodies

The A2LA Reference Materials Producer Accreditation Program demonstrates competence by formal compliance with a set of internationally-recognized criteria.

Receive CMS and internationally-recognized accreditation for your clinical testing programs.

The A2LA CLIA Accreditation Program, which received CMS Deemed Status in 2014, is your assurance of reliable results.

The A2LA ISO 15189:2012 Accreditation Program, launched in 2007, is recognized by the International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation.

The AABB / A2LA Clinical Accreditation Program is a combined accreditation program for clinical laboratories, blood banks, and transfusion services.

The A2LA Biobanking Accreditation Program uses the ISO 20387 standard to promote confidence in biobanking. ISO 20387 contains requirements designed to demonstrate the competence of a biobank’s operation and ability to provide biological material and associated data for research and development.