CA ELAP Laboratory Assessment Program

The California Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Program (CA ELAP) Laboratory Assessment Program helps environmental labs meet the assessment requirement for California’s new regulations and gain CA ELAP accreditation.

California ELAP accreditation guide for CA ELAP accreditation program

A2LA is a TNI-recognized non-governmental accreditation body authorized to provide assessment services to California environmental testing labs participating in the California Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Program (CA ELAP). In May of 2020, California’s State Water Resources Control Board passed new regulations requiring California environmental labs overseen by CA ELAP to implement the 2016 TNI Standard (minus 2 requirements for technical manager and PT specifically for the state of California). The TNI Standard is a nationally recognized standard that covers not only laboratories’ analytical methods, but establishes more stringent requirements for many laboratory documentation practices and activities including the quality of equipment and supplies they use, and the training of laboratory staff. More than 650 laboratories are affected by this change and will need to begin a transitionary process to ensure they are compliant. 

The State Environmental Laboratory Assessment Program is covered under A2LA’s environmental field of testing and is designed to help laboratories meet the assessment requirements of the state in which they are seeking certification. With extensive experience accrediting to the TNI Standard, and a dedicated accreditation program for state environmental laboratory assessment, A2LA is well-equipped to efficiently support California labs as they adopt and implement this new California ELAP accreditation program.  

A2LA offers a wide variety of accreditation programs and assessment services for labs in the Environmental Field of Testing, making it easy to schedule and complete your assessments.  Please click “Request a Quote” below for a no obligation quote today! 

This specialty program is covered under A2LA’s environmental field of testing.


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CA ELAP Assessment Checklists

The California State Water Resources Control Board has provided two helpful checklists that labs can use to prepare for their ELAP assessment. Once is specific to the TNI Standard and one is specific to the State of California. These checklists are free to download and will help you determine your lab’s readiness for assessment.


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Program Requirements

Laboratories applying for an assessment during the 3 year transition period beginning on January 1, 2021 will have the following options for their assessment (determined by their current expiration date with CA ELAP):

  • An assessment to the current CA ELAP accreditation requirements – California Code Regulations Title 22, Division 4, Chapter 19
  • An assessment to the 2016 TNI standard with the modifications adopted under the new regulation. These include changes to the proficiency testing and technical manager requirements.
  • A full A2LA accreditation which would include an assessment to all requirements of the 2016 TNI standard and ISO/IEC 17025:2017. This option is likely only to be pursued by commercial laboratories that perform work in multiple states or countries needing reciprocity. 

Please refer to the CA ELAP program page to view the revised regulations and a list of frequently asked questions on the new process.


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