A2LA Customer Care Profiles: Conor Morrissey

Earlier this month, A2LA announced the official launch of our Customer Care Department, a full-time team dedicated to supporting A2LA accreditation officers as they serve our valued customers. Over the course of the next several weeks, A2LA will be profiling each of our new customer care representatives to highlight their accomplishments, welcome them to A2LA, and help customers get to know them. This week, Customer Care Representative Conor Morrissey has the spotlight. 

Conor has nearly 10 years of customer service experience, spanning a variety of industries. Like many of A2LA’s new hires, Conor has not worked in the unique and specialized world of accreditation before, but he has been learning quickly, putting his enthusiasm and positivity to good use during his training over the last several months. He has particularly enjoyed getting to know A2LA’s accreditation team, as well as his fellow customer care representatives. He characterizes his experience with A2LA so far as “immensely positive” and shares the customer care team’s excitement about the official department launch. 

Beyond his professional life, Conor has a number of interesting hobbies. He plays four different musical instruments, he brews his own kombucha at home, he plays roller hockey, and he’s a comic book enthusiast (especially X-Men comics). Conor has also been a vegetarian for the last six years. 

If you need to reach A2LA, Conor and the rest of the new customer care department are eager to assist. Call 301-644-3248 between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. Eastern Time, open up a live chat on www.A2LA.org, or contact us here