A2LA Grants First EPA TSCA Title VI Formaldehyde TPC Accreditation


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A2LA Grants First EPA TSCA Title VI Formaldehyde TPC Accreditation  

September 27, 2018, Frederick, MD – A2LA is proud to announce it has granted ISO/IEC 17065 accreditation to RISE Research Institutes of Sweden, located in Borås, Sweden under the EPA TSCA Title VI Formaldehyde TCP Accreditation Program; its first under this program. The accreditation is the result of a successful multi-day on-site assessment that included a comprehensive review of all certification, testing, and inspection activities for Hardwood Plywood, Particleboard, and Medium Density Fiberboard that will be marketed and sold in the United States. This review also included a manufacturer site visit to verify the certification body’s competence to perform inspections of composite wood products in conformance with ISO/IEC 17020. 

The United States Environmental Protection Agency has mandated that starting March 23, 2019, all regulated products manufactured in or imported into the United States must be certified and labeled as TSCA Title VI compliant by an EPA TSCA Title VI TPC that has been accredited by an EPA TSCA Title VI approved Accreditation Body. A2LA is an approved accrediting body recognized by the EPA for both certification bodies and testing laboratories globally, along with taking the role of the agent for service for several international Accreditation Bodies that have been approved for this program.

A full listing of the certification and testing activities included in the accreditation of RISE Research Institutes of Sweden may be found on their Scopes of Accreditation, Certificate numbers 4975.01 (Certification) and 4975.02 (Testing), located on the A2LA website directory at portal.A2LA.org/search.