A2LA Issues First ISO 17034:2016 Accreditation in the United States

A2LA Today  l  June 2017  l  Number 135
By Ashly Carter, A2LA Program Manager

A2LA is proud to announce the accreditation of Brammer Standard Company, Inc., located in Houston, TX, as the first organization in the United States to achieve accreditation to the newly released International Standard, ISO 17034:2016: General requirements for the competence of reference material producers. Brammer has been accredited since February 2001, resulting in the status of longest-running Reference Material Producer accredited by A2LA.

Brammer Standard Company, Inc. Owner and President, Beau Brammer, stated, “Brammer Standard is proud to be recognized as the global leader in certified reference materials. As we near our 50th birthday, this marks our grandest achievement of coming in first before any national or private laboratory in our industry. A2LA’s integrity and recognition worldwide makes it an honor for Brammer Standard to carry A2LA’s first ISO 17034 accreditation.”

A2LA has been offering accreditation for Reference Material Producers since 2000, and became one of the inaugural signatories to the Asia Pacific Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation (APLAC) Mutual Recognition Agreement (MRA) for the accreditation of Reference Material Producers in December 2007. A world-renowned leader in accreditation, A2LA’s Reference Material Producer Accreditation Program includes manufacturers from diverse organizations including commercial, research and development, government agencies and private institutions; that support and span numerous industries including: clinical, food quality and safety, pharmaceutical, gases, fluid analyses, automotive and aerospace material testing, mining, energy, microbiological, environmental, chemical, and veterinary.