A2LA Careers: Culture






Why Join A2LA?

As the driving force of A2LA’s success, we believe in going the extra mile for our employees. We understand that our employees have individual identities and recognize and respect originality and individual contributions while sharing a common goal: to provide outstanding service and ensure compliance initiatives to protect consumer safety around the world.



Come make the world better with us!

Committed to a Better World

The world relies on impartial third-party organizations like A2LA to provide oversight that helps make consumer products safer, medical processes more reliable, information more secure, and much more. Accreditation is a process most people rarely think about, but it is vital to day-to-day life. A2LA employees are committed to the same values and ethics that make A2LA a global leader in accreditation.

A Team and a Community

When we are at the office, staff work hard and enjoy each other’s company through lunch-and-learn events, potluck lunches, ice-cream socials, and friendly co-worker competitions, such as our Halloween costume contest and periodic wellness challenges. When we are not working, we also enjoy each other’s company through social gatherings during our summer picnic, team-building events, A2LA-sponsored sporting events, and holiday celebrations.

We are Better Together

We value our employees for their unique life experiences and believe the strength of our team arises from individuals who feel supported, respected, and emotionally connected to their work. A2LA is committed to aiding our employees in achieving their personal and professional goals, as well as maintaining a positive and cohesive workplace that allows all employees to feel welcomed. To help promote a healthy work-life balance and build social relationships, A2LA also provides opportunities for enrichment and sponsors regular employee outings and events. At its founding in 1978, A2LA had only four staff members; while our organization has since grown significantly, our tight-knit culture remains unchanged.

We Live and Breathe our Core Values

Quality: Striving for Excellence.

Integrity: Maintaining Trust Through Honoring Our Commitments.

Community: Customer Focused, Service Driven, People First.

Accountability: Set, Share, and Exceed Expectations, Make it Happen.

Leadership: Advocating for a Better World Through Accreditation. 

Employer Recognition Awards