Help us build a community committed to supporting, growing, and promoting values of quality and competence through accreditation.


  • Provide forums for members to build relationships with tangible business benefits, including networking, education, and advocacy.
  • Foster a comprehensive peer network of industry professionals through the A2LA Technical Forum and other networking opportunities.
  • Support government and global affairs efforts through work with legislative, regulatory, and industry groups that share common goals.
  • Lead by example within quality assurance, accreditation, and technical communities to support our vision of creating a single accreditation that is accepted everywhere.
  • Advocate for this vision among global peers while developing reciprocal recognition of our accredited results.
  • Promote clients with a global interest.


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  • A2LA WorkPlace Training Courses and E-learning Modules
  • A2LA Technical Forum Registration
  • A2LA Annual Fees (Organizational members only)
  • A2LA Other industry partners (e.g. ASTM directory listing)
  • Free webinars covering subjects like understanding international standards development, quality control, quality assurance, internal audits, preparing for assessments, and more.
  • Exclusive newsletter, including early access to content and other resources as they are developed.
  • Summaries and notifications of international accreditation developments, legislative and regulatory actions, and scientific community updates.
  • Voting privileges for organizational members during A2LA Board of Directors elections.

Membership & Accreditation

Membership dues are separate from accreditation fees. Accreditation is attained after an application has been completed, fees have been paid, an assessment has been performed, and a decision has been made by the A2LA Accreditation Council.

An organization does not have to be a member to become accredited, and accreditation by itself does not confer A2LA membership.

A2LA Membership Levels and Dues

Individual Member
Individual Member status is appropriate for any person who is interested in supporting the development of accreditation standards and promoting quality and competence through accreditation in their industries. Current individual members include: regulators, accreditation customers, end users, and other stake holders.
1 year membership $100.00

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Organizational Member
Organizational Member status is appropriate for any entity that has an interest in promoting quality and competence through accreditation and that is interested in having annual discounts on accreditation fees or who would like multiple employees to benefit from discounts associated with A2LA membership. Discounts on accreditation fees (up to $200 per year)**
1 year membership $400.00


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**Organizational memberships are site-specific, so discounts will only be granted to the site that holds the membership and their personnel.