Regulators and Industry Specifiers

With products entering the United States from all corners of the globe, there is a need for effective mechanisms to regulate safety and security without introducing new barriers to trade.

A2LA works with government and industry  to serve as a resource on issues of quality and competence, provides technical expertise and recommendations on approaches to oversight, and helps to ensure conformance with established policies and requirements through accreditation. When you work with A2LA, you are showing your support for quality, compliance, and consumer safety. Through its accreditation programs, A2LA currently supports: 

  • Over 70 industry programs 
  • Accredited customers in all 50 states, the District of Columbia, three United States territories, and 47 countries 
  • Access to over 200 technical experts and industry leaders 

A2LA is committed to assisting organizations and regulators in effectively fulfilling their responsibilities and ensuring quality for end users. At its core, A2LA has an outstanding and technically sound network of assessors, volunteers, advocacy representatives, and staff. Our focus on continual evolution ensures that we meet not only the current needs of our stakeholders, but their future needs as well.

Contact us to access A2LA case studies, educational documents, and guidance on specifying accredited work, as well as to advance your efforts for a consistent, common-sense oversight program.


While the government has a leading role in regulation and policy statements, the sheer magnitude of evaluation needed for domestic and imported products cannot economically be handled by government agencies and regulation alone. A2LA is poised to help.

A2LA has over 35 years of experience in the development and implementation of oversight programs. Contact A2LA to discuss your needs and gain valuable resources, support, and feedback on your programs and efforts.

Industry Groups

A2LA works with industry groups to support advancements in science, contribute to standards development, and ensure compliance with specifier requirements. A2LA is committed to vibrant industry outreach. With expert articles, presentations, partnerships, and webinars, A2LA is a resource to serve you in accomplishing your objectives. Partner with A2LA to share your updates and notices to our membership and accredited customers.

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