2020 Tech Forum

2021 Tech Forum

August 1-4
Chantilly, Virginia

Be part of one of the accreditation industry’s largest annual events.


The A2LA Tech Forum has grown to become one of the largest, multidiscipline events in the accreditation industry, attracting attendees from over 12 different industries, including automotive, environmental, pharmaceutical, calibration, and more. The forum promotes discussion and training on topics related to the accreditation industry through face-to-face interactions with A2LA’s staff, members and assessors, accredited conformity assessment bodies, association members, advisory committee members, government bodies, specifiers, committee and council volunteers, and any other interested parties.

The goal of the event is to further strengthen the value of accreditation for all stakeholders.  Join a global group of industry professionals for:

  • Training and educational meetings on best practices
  • Public training for support of accreditation 
  • Accreditation program-specific technical meetings
  • A2LA member-specific meetings and sessions
  • Dinner, awards and recognition
  • Professional development
  • Networking with peers

Update: the 2020 A2LA Tech Forum has been cancelled in response to the recent COVID-19 outbreak. Please see our official statement and cancelation FAQ for details.




Being a member of A2LA and attending the Tech Forum allows me multiple opportunities. The Tech Forum is full of intelligent people and sessions and offers the opportunity to expand my knowledge base for my customers and my employees. The committee meetings are designed so each individual parameter that A2LA accredits for is in the same group - no wasted discussion on topics or decisions that have nothing to do with a person’s lab and/or consulting. These meetings are filled with assessors, laboratories, and professionals, so the conversations are direct to the matter at hand. Being able to come face to face with other professionals in the same industry has led to great conversations and business practices. Brainstorming around common issues that face a lab or being able to help out another lab with their needs is great. Working with the assessors  led to a greater understanding of their position, leading to better growth for everyone.  Last but not least, I look forward to meeting with the A2LA staff. Everyone is full of energy and open to conversation, be it a specific topic of concern, or a simple question. They all put forth a great deal of effort during the forum and it shows.
Eric Johansen, President of JJ Calibrations