A2LA Reference Material Producer Accreditation Now Recognized by ILAC

July 28, 2020, Frederick, MD – A2LA has extended their signatory status with the International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation (ILAC) mutual recognition arrangement (MRA) to include reference material producers (RMPs) under the standard ISO 17034. This means that A2LA’s ISO 17034 accreditation program is now internationally recognized and has been confirmed to meet ILAC’s globally accepted criteria. A2LA has been a signatory of the ILAC MRA since 2000 and this extension was finalized on July 23, 2020. The Reference Materials Producers Accreditation Program is the sixth A2LA accreditation program recognized by ILAC.

A2LA’s accreditation program for RMPs was already recognized by the Inter-American Accreditation Cooperation (IAAC) and the Asia Pacific Accreditation Cooperation (APAC) under their mutual recognition arrangements, making A2LA’s accreditation of RMPs accepted in dozens of countries. Recognition by the ILAC MRA, however, extends the acceptance of accredited RMPs to a truly global status. Part of A2LA’s ongoing mission is to increase the value of accreditation for customers, consumers, and the entire ecosystem of industries that rely on accreditation, and this new recognition further affirms A2LA’s commitment to quality. 

“The expansion of A2LA’s ILAC recognition to include ISO 17034 will elevate the importance of producing quality reference materials internationally,” said Scott Poore, Accreditation Supervisor at A2LA. “This will ensure that the outputs of any organizations who utilize reference materials will have another layer of assured quality and competency in their work product. This in turn improves the quality of any and all organizations they service. This is another big step forward towards A2LA’s goal of achieving a better world through accreditation.”

For more information about the ILAC MRA and its signatories, visit ILAC.org. More information about A2LA’s Reference Materials Producers Accreditation Program and other accreditations within their ILAC MRA scope, visit A2LA.org.